1/0 to 4/0 Large Lug Capacity

DID YOU KNOW … Hollingsworth offers a LARGE LUG LINE – 1/0 to 4/0 range. Standard plating options include Tin, Nickel, and Gold. Custom plating specifications are also available. These terminals are made from pure copper for highest conductivity. Standard plating is electro-tin to assure corrosion resistance. Serrated “V” grooves in

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How to crimp without splitting the terminal

Have you ever had the problem where your terminals split during the crimping process? Insulated terminals, when crimped with the correct tool, rarely split during the crimping process. However, Non-insulated, non-brazed terminals (NIT), can be split by a variety of factors, producing

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Terminal Solutions

We offer Terminal Solutions, standard and customized to meet your needs. Read More....

Harness Solutions

We offer Harness Solutions, standard and provide expert technical assistance. Read More....

Tooling Solutions

We offer Tooling Solutions that meet UL, CSA, and Mil Spec SAE AS7928 approval. Read More....

Other Solutions

We offer CAD & EDM Services, Assembly, and custom point-to-point pinboards. Read More....