Hollingsworth Terminal-Ology

Construction of a Hollingsworth Solderless Terminal

Construction of a Hollingsworth Solderless Terminal

Hollingsworth terminals are constructed of pure Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) Copper for the highest conductivity and annealed to insure maximum installed strength. Construction is a one burr-free piece for maximum strength and Electro-Tin plated for maximum corrosion resistance. The open barrel end allows for visual inspection of wire location, before and after crimping. Serrated V grooved to maximize holding power and Funnel Entry design groups wire strands together for fast, positive entry into the terminal barrel. Our 3- piece “Funnel FIIG” is the highest quality terminal in the marketplace. For a closer look, see Construction of a Hollingsworth solderless terminal.pdf.

Hollingsworth Performance Characteristics – Hollingsworth Terminals and connectors are subjected to rigorous testing in order to meet Military specifications for SAE AS7928. See the results – Hollingsworth Performance Characteristics.pdf.

What does NIT mean? and other Hollingsworth naming characteristics… Our standard solderless terminal configurations are

  • NIT: Non-insulated Terminal with butted seam barrel,
  • NIT Brazed: Non-insulated Terminal with brazed barrel,
  • FIT: Insulated Terminal, and
  • FIIG: Insulated Terminal with vibration sleeve – Top of the Line.

For further naming definitions, see Hollingsworth Terminal-ology.pdf

Terminal Selection Guide–Tongue Styles – Hollingsworth standard terminals and connectors come in a variety of tongue styles, from rings and spades to hooks to butt splice connectors to quick connect slip-ons and knife disconnects, flag rings, tabs and wire pins. If you don’t see what you are looking for, ask – we also customize. See our Terminal Selection Guide.pdf.

Hollingsworth Terminal Barrel Configurations – Hollingsworth Terminal Barrel Configurations are available from Non-Insulated butted seam to our highest quality FIIG – Fixed Insulation Insulation Grip Terminal. See our Terminal Barrel Configurations Guide.pdf for standard configurations based on wire size. Customized configurations available upon request.