Customer FAQs

  1. What is the minimum quantity? What is the minimum multiple?
    For most terminals within wire range 26 to 8 gauge, the minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces, ordering is in multiples of 1000 and standard packaging is bags of 1000. Larger sizes will be determined at time of order.
  2. What are your Lead times?
    Standard items ship within 1-3 business days. Items with components available in stock generally ship within 7 – 10 business days. Custom parts or items made-to-order, please allow 6-8 weeks for production. Lead times may vary and will be confirmed at the time of your quote or order.
  3. I do not see any pricing? Where can I find pricing?
    Pricing is quantity generated and available via quote. Consult factory with your Estimated Annual Usage (EAU) for best possible pricing. To receive quote, click here or call (800) 638-8376.
  4. How many parts come on a reel? On a strip? What is the minimum buy for parts on a reel or strip?
    ALL Tape orders require a two reel minimum buy.
    – 22-18 and 16-14 gauge standard terminals – 2500 piece reels
    – 12-10 gauge terminals differ based on width of the terminal. Standard is 2000 piece reels
    – 8 gauge and up terminals will differ based on width of the terminal. Standard are 500 piece reels & 250 piece
    – For the quantity of parts on strip, consult factory.
  5. What are your Terms?
    Current terms are credit card. For open terms, inquire to the ETH Accounting Department.
  6. Where do I find what tooling to use with my terminals? What die should I use to crimp my terminals?
    The tooling information is provided on our labels and on our packing slips. You can also find this information on our website
  7. Where is Hollingsworth located? From where will the product ship?
    Hollingsworth, a dba of Electro-Term, Inc., is located in western Massachusetts at 50 Warehouse Street, Springfield, Massachusetts 01118. All Hollingsworth manufactured products ship from this location.
  8. What is a 3 pc part?
    A 3 piece part or FIIG (Fixed Insulated Insulation Grip) is an assembly of a non-insulated terminal (NIT) with a butted or brazed seam, a metal gripping sleeve and either vinyl or nylon insulation.
  9. Can I get a Customer print of the part or samples?
    Customer prints are available upon request. Contact the factory to request samples.
  10. What if my part is not available? Do you offer alternate parts?
    If the part you are looking for is not immediately available or has been discontinued, we may be able to offer a suitable substitute for your current and/or for future orders. We also offer custom design services.
  11. What do the letters in the Hollingsworth part numbers signify?
    The prefix letters designate the terminal style and tongue type. The suffix letters designate barrel style and length and insulation type. For further help, please see Hollingsworth Terminal-ology.
  12. Do your terminals come in different wire sizes?
    Hollingsworth terminals are available in wire sizes 26 AWG to 4/0 AWG. The larger wire sizes are made upon request, for a minimum buy quantity.
  13. Are your connectors brazed?
    Ring terminals, Butt Connectors, and Spades are brazed. The wire size # 8 and # 6 Butt Splices are made from flat copper stock and brazed. The wire size # 8 Parallels and larger are all made from seamless tubular copper stock, so they do not require brazing.
  14. What is the wire Strip length needed for my terminal?
    The wire strip length needed for a Correct/Crimp is listed on the label located on your terminal bag. The wire should protrude from the barrel a minimum 1/32″ – 1/16″ maximum.
  15. Are your Terminals RoHS Compliant?
    Hollingsworth manufactured terminals are RoHS compliant.
  16. Do you offer tin/lead plating?
    Electro-Term/Hollingsworth does not offer the tin/lead plating of terminal lugs. Our compliance with RoHS requirements excludes lead plating in our product line. However, we do offer customized plating, such as gold, nickel, zinc, etc., upon request.
  17. Can your terminals be used to splice multiple wires together? If so, will it still meet UL standards?
    Our crimp type Pigtail and Butt splice connectors are UL listed as splicing wire connectors – to be used to splice multiple wires together and still retain their UL approval. The Quick Connects and Wire Connectors are listed with UL as single wire applications only. They can be used to splice multiple wires together, but will not retain UL approval.
  18. Do you have a Warranty on your tools?
    Hollingsworth hand tools carry a one-year warranty against workmanship. Damage due to improper use is not covered.
    Hollingsworth semi-automatic tools carry a one-year parts and labor guarantee. This warranty does not cover defects or damage arising from improper installation, lack of or improper maintenance, improper storage, shipping and handling, or ordinary wear and tear, misuse, abuse, accident, unauthorized service, or use with unauthorized products or parts. Missing and / or damaged parts will be the responsibility of the user.
    Hollingsworth automatic machines are leased equipment to our customers. Therefore, we cover all repairs except damage due to improper installation, lack of or improper maintenance, improper storage, shipping and handling, misuse, abuse, accident, unauthorized service, or use with unauthorized products or parts. Missing and / or damaged parts will be the responsibility of the user and / or leasee.
  19. Are your tools calibrated?
    All of our tools are calibrated. A certificate of Calibration is issued with the tool prior to shipping and is good for 1 year. The tool must be returned to Hollingsworth for recalibration to maintain current UL/CSA status.
  20. What is the temperature rating for Hollingsworth insulated terminals?
    Standard Hollingsworth insulated products are rated up to 105°C. For High Temperature insulation, please contact the factory.
  21. What is the Tensile strength of my part?
    Tensile strength varies per part. Please refer to Pull Charts